Have you ever been sitting at the closing table feeling uncomfortable that you don’t have a gift for the clients on the other side of the table? It’s an awkward situation. After all, you don’t want to blatantly overstep your boundaries and seem unprofessional. However, when done correctly, a well-chosen gift can paint you in a wonderful light with people that were involved in a major transaction with you. So what is the right move here? When deciding whether it would be appropriate to give a gift to the other agent’s clients, these are the key points you need to consider.

The Climate Of The Transaction

Unfortunately, not every transaction runs smoothly. In fact, there are times where it can get rather ugly and hostile between the two sides for endless reasons. When this happens, it may help to smooth things over to provide a gift to the other side.

If things have been running smoothly, it may be even more reason to provide a gift to show your appreciation and respect. After all, the other side of the transaction is also partially responsible for your paycheck.

Your Approach

The way in which you present or give the gift is also important, especially when it comes to timing. For example, if you and the other agent have been at each other’s throats, giving the gift in front of everyone at the closing table might on cause that tension to erupt at a terrible time. However, if things have been friendly between all parties, it may be best to reach out to the other agent and let them know that you would like to give a gift to their client in a respectful way. Every transaction is different and you should tailor your approach to match.

A Gift That Makes An Impact

If you are going to give a gift, it is important that you choose one that will leave a positive impact. In some cases, you may need it to smooth things over, and in others, it might just be an expression of your gratitude. Either way, you will want the gift to be one that will be practical, and lasting. That way, each time that they use your gift, they will be reminded of the positive impact that had on the transaction. As a result, if they were unhappy with their agent, they may choose to hire you next time, refer to you, or write a positive review for you that will help influence future clients to choose you as their lifelong real estate agent.

When carefully chosen, a gift can be a powerful way to make an impact on your prospects and help you to stand out from the competition. It is basic human nature to want to return favors or feel indebted to someone when they provide a gift that isn’t solicited, which is why they will feel more compelled to hire you when they are ready. Just be sure to be selective when it comes to the gifts that you select and the prospects that you deem worthy of them.