Zowee Products: Our Story

zoweecircle80 The Missing Component/Missed Opportunities

After I had several opportunities to refer clients to my Realtor, I realized that Realtors ask for referrals; however they were not making it easy for us to help promote them. Making it easy for your client and providing a tangible item for them to share is key.

This became apparent after trying to support my Realtor.

A good friend shared with me she was finally ready to buy a home! I suggested she use my Realtor. I had no contact information to share with her at the time but told her I would find her information and send it to her. By the time I located the business card in my files and got the information to my friend, she had spoken with someone else who was able to provide information quicker. My Realtor missed an opportunity.

Several months later, I encountered the same scenario. Again, I could not locate contact information quickly enough! Someone else referred her to another Realtor, and my Realtor lost out, again. That was TWO missed sales opportunities in a matter of one year’s time, worth just over $20,000!

It struck me that there was a missing component in the referral quest. Realtors and lenders need a quick and simple way to ensure their information is readily available in a tangible way, while making it easy for us to promote them!

This kit does just that, while providing a useful, practical gift for your clients. It will keep you in front of clients on average five times per month, thus creating 60 touch points annually with no additional work!

You will be remembered. You will get referrals and your business will grow – easy!

Thus was born “The story of why and how quickly a sale can be lost if you are not equipping your clients with the right tools”.

– Janet Rickstrew, Founder of Zowee Products