Key Questions To Ask Yourself Before Buying Your Next Closing Gift

Closing gifts are not just a gift.

As a real estate agent, a closing gift is a reminder. It is a referral generator. It is a money maker.

However, not all closing gifts are created equally and you could be wasting a ton of time and money if you aren’t giving a valuable gift to buyers and sellers.

The question is, what is a valuable closing gift?

*Hint* It has nothing to do with how much it costs!

In today’s post, we are sharing some quick questions you should ask yourself to decipher a valuable closing gift from a dud.

Is This Something You Would Want To Receive?

This is a pretty obvious one. The last thing you want to do is make your clients feel unappreciated or awkward by giving them a gift they just want to throw out or regift. This doesn’t mean you need to rack your brain to come up with something thoughtful, it just means it has to be something you would be genuinely grateful to receive in exchange for your business. If you have been giving your clients gifts that you are less than proud of or wouldn’t want yourself, today is the day to change that.

How Often Would You Use This Item?

Before you select your signature closing gift, you should consider how often you have the opportunity to use that item. Is it something that is going to be stuffed away in a closet for months or years at a time or is it something you would want to reach for on a regular basis? Anything that could easily be forgotten for months or even years at a time is an item that will be cheating you out of the opportunity to remind your clients of your value and that they should be sending their friends and family your way when they want to move.

Would This Gift Help Bring About Referrals?

Far too often, real estate agents select closing gifts that are valuable and useful but fail to bring about referrals. Why? Well, because if the item isn’t something that you can brand or directly tie to your services there is no way it can help you grow your business. If you can choose a gift that will be placed somewhere that it is visible and serve as a pop-up ad in their home (like this one), you will be amazed at the results.

The Closing Gift That Keeps On Giving

The best closing gifts are those that show your clients how grateful you are to them for choosing you over your competition and gives them a reason to be grateful to you on a regular basis.

They don’t need to cost you a fortune but they should be of the best quality because you want them to serve as a lifelong reminder of what you and your clients have accomplished together.

No bottle of wine or gift basket can do that for you but these customizable, branded kits can.

Don’t shortchange your clients or your chance at earning repeat business at closing; select a gift that keeps on giving to you and them for a lifetime.