As a real estate agent, the closing gifts that you give to your clients can either be a wasted expense or a big-time referral generator.

The trick to making sure that it is the later is to select closing gifts that provide genuine and long-lasting value for both them and you.

Use this guide to make sure that each and every closing gift you give to clients is one that will help to generate repeat business and referrals so you don’t waste that money you work so hard to earn.

Showing Genuine Gratitude

Every gift that you give should be a symbol of the gratitude that you have to your clients for hiring you as their real estate agent. Remember, no matter how difficult the transaction or the client, they chose you over many competitors and they are the ones that are putting food on your table. They trusted you above all others to guide them through one of the most crucial moments in their life and they deserve a symbol of genuine gratitude for that.

A Reminder Of Your Service

Each and every time that your clients reach for the gift that you give them, it should be a fond reminder of the high quality of service that you delivered them. One of the best ways to make sure that they remember that the gift came from you is to brand it with your company logo and contact information. Here is an example of a closing gift that clients will constantly use and remember you by each time they do.

A Referral Generator For Years To Come

When you give your clients gifts that actually last and are branded with your company information, you increase your chances that they will use it to refer to you. You want to give a gift that will make your clients think of you first every time someone tells them they are thinking of moving.

Use The Closing Gift That Keeps On Giving

The best closing gifts are those that show your clients how grateful you are to them for choosing you over your competition and gives them a reason to be grateful to you on a regular basis.

They don’t need to cost you a fortune but they should be of the best quality because you want them to serve as a lifelong reminder of what you and your clients have accomplished together.

No bottle of wine or gift basket can do that for you but these customizable, branded kits can.

Don’t shortchange your clients or your chance at earning repeat business at closing; select a gift that keeps on giving to you and them for a lifetime.